Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lesson 11: All It Takes is One Good Pac

A great Star Child once said “I know life sometimes can get tough and I know life can sometimes be a drag.”

While the rest of the God Gave Rock and Roll to You II lyrics are admittedly pretty f'in stupid, Paul brushed upon a universal truth regarding life's inevitable hardships and periods of sadness. And, much like life, Ms. Pacman games have their fair share of ups and downs.

I've never admitted this to anyone before but there was a time when I lost two lives on the strawberry stage. Yes. It's true. I was absolutely devastated and I felt lost inside. The thoughts "what's the freakin' point?" and "what is it all about, man?" pierced the core of my very soul.

So what can one do when the whole world sucks? Well, you can spit on the floor and shout incoherent obscenities like my anonymous friend (Matt) does. Or you can dust yourself off, take a deep breath, get back out there and eat as many goddamn dots as possible before the big GAME OVER. Only when you accept your past mistakes will you be able to move forward and go on one of those legendary "runs" that people speak of for generations to come.

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  1. You were a bit vague on what happened in that particular game. As your anonymous friend, I wonder how it all ended? I have a very philosophic post coming that will hopefully answer all questions about Ms. Pac Man. And Life.