Friday, March 5, 2010

Lesson 4: It's all about the banana

The numbers are simply staggering. 1 banana = 5,000 points. That’s 50 cherries. The probability of snacking on ghosts dwindles as you reach higher levels so the fruit becomes your primary source of points. Points are important because they measure your overall greatness as a person. Therefore it is critical that you eat every banana you can. I’m only going to say this once - it is absolutely disgraceful to let a banana wander off screen and doing so will bring great shame to you and your family. (And I will personally never speak to you again.)

Having said that, the manner in which one responds when a banana appears speaks volumes about the depth of character of the player. My friend Matt is an excellent packer. He may even have been a superstar if it wasn’t for his complete inability to remain calm whenever a banana emerges. (He gets all freaked out and usually plows head-first into the nearest ghost.)

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